Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza makes great-tasting pizza as well as such crowd pleasers as pasta, BBQ ribs & chicken, chicken wings, Caesar salads… a full menu of favourites. And we sell it using a two-for-one pricing formula that provides value most other retail outlets can’t touch. It’s this unique combination of quality and value that has made Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza the favourite for people who are getting together with friends or family.

Half of all new, independent companies fail within two years. By contrast, new franchises enjoy a 95% success rate. The reason for this lies in the hearts and minds of the consumer. Customers are brand-driven. They like the sense of comfort provided by knowing the brand’s products and being familiar with the quality and consistency of the product.

Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza is a growth-oriented company that is continuing to attract customers and enter new markets. For those with entrepreneurial drive and the resources to make their plans work, the Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza concept offers the “fit” between you, the brand and the consumer that you’ve been looking for. It’s a relationship that satisfies your appetite for a secure, rewarding business opportunity.

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